We recognise the importance of ensuring our Bodies Corporate get advice and cover that is right for them. You need someone that you can trust, who knows your property and who is going to be reliable and able to help if something goes wrong.

The BCP Strata team work with, and are authorised representatives of, BCB Strata Insurance Brokers. BCB are the largest niche specialist broker for Strata and related insurance in Australia and is a Steadfast Group Limited Network Broker. BCB specialise in Strata Insurance and has been working with Owners and Strata Managers since 1996. As brokers, they can obtain quotes from a wide range of insurers to ensure the best product and premium for our Bodies Corporate. They take pride in their work and go the extra mile to assist with any concerns with policy complexities or product comparisons between insurers.

The BCB claims team work hard for the Body Corporate not the insurer and are second to none at achieving successful outcomes within reasonable timeframes.

BCB conduct regular training with the BCP Strata Team to ensure that our knowledge in relation to the complex field of insurance is always up to date.

Each year, BCB will put the policy to the market prior to renewal and present any alternate quotes for consideration. These quotes will then be forwarded to the Committee for approval.

We do obtain a commission for placing insurance with BCB Strata Insurance Brokers, however, this commission covers our fee for the organising of quotes, lodging of insurance claims and other reasonable insurance costs. Costs for these services will be on-charged to the Body Corporate if the insurance is not placed through BCP Strata’s approved broker. The additional income generated from the receipt of commissions also allows us to keep our fees to an acceptable level that benefits everyone overall.

After Hours Emergency Telephone Number

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