StrataMax is a comprehensive software solution specifically for the Strata Industry.  They have been developing their product since 1992 and have grown to be the market leader in strata management software.  StrataMax also provides regular training for our staff to ensure we are getting the most from their product.

As well as being utilised by BCP Strata to manage all of our Bodies Corporate financial and administrative needs, we also use StrataMax to upload information to our Owners and Committees via the Owners Portal.

The Owners Portal is designed and powered by StrataMax to provide a convenient and easy way for Owners and Committee Members to keep informed and up to date with information about their Body Corporate.  Records and information are uploaded each working day to this site for the access of all Owners and Committee Members.

The Owners Portal enables you to securely view and print information about your property and your Body Corporate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world via the internet.  There is no need to wait for office hours to obtain information or even to pick up a phone.  The information is now at your finger-tips.

To access your information on the Owners Portal you will need to login by simply entering your email address and clicking Login. If you have never had an account for StrataMax then you will be asked to Create your Account. Click Send Email and an application form will be emailed to you to complete.

If you already have other accounts with StrataMax, you will be prompted to link your new unit to the list.

What Information can you Access:

  • Levy Register – this report shows when levies are due, how much they will be for your Body Corporate’s current financial year and when you have made payments.  This is an excellent report for all owners to have access to and can be found under Reports & Documents > Owners Information Report.
  • Owners Information Report – check the details that we recorded on the Body Corporate Roll for your lot.  You can also submit any changes to us from this site.
  • Insurance – a copy of the Renewal Certificate showing the insurance cover as at renewal is uploaded for access of all Owners.
  • Financial Statements
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • By-laws and Community Management Statement (CMS) for your Building
  • Copies of reports such as Safety Reports, Sinking Fund Forecasts, Insurance Valuations etc.