What do you do if you have a maintenance issue?

First take into consideration the urgency of the matter. Is it life threatening? Will more damage be caused if it is not attended to quickly? Or is it something that can be attended to in the next week?

  • If the matter is a life threatening or an emergent situation contact the Emergency Services (Police, Fire Service and Ambulance) by calling 000
  • Damage caused by severe storms (e.g. roof blown off) contact your local SES on 132 500 who may be able to assist in the short term to reduce further damage
  • Power matters ring Energex on 131 962

An urgent matter could be defined as an event that is causing damage or a safety hazard e.g. broken water pipes, roof leak or blown security/safety lights.

If the matter is urgent then ring our office on 07 5438 4000 during office hours. For after hours attention please call:

  • Plumber: Wurtulla Plumbing – 5491 6746
  • Electrician: Coast Airlectrical – 0415 835 602
  • Pumps: The Pump House – 5441 4644
  • Roof Repairs: The Roof Top Maintenance Group – 0418 321 590
  • Handy Man: Domain Maintenance – 0418 192 502

Please note: The above companies are service providers. They are not an associate of BCP Strata and we do not receive any form of commission or payment from them for using them as an after-hours contact. BCP Strata will not accept any responsibility or liability for any reliance you have placed on their services and by submitting any maintenance inquiry to them you agree that you have sought your own advice and you will not hold BCP Strata liable for any cost, loss or other expense suffered by you as a result of relying upon their services. Also, if the maintenance matter is found to be isolated to your lot and is not a body corporate matter than the cost to rectify will be your responsibility


Non-urgent could be defined as a general maintenance issue that is NOT causing any immediate safety hazard or is not causing further damage e.g. dripping tap, weeds in gardens, dirty BBQ etc.

If your maintenance matter is not of an urgent nature, please complete the Maintenance Request Form and submit it to our office. Your matter will be responded to within two (2) working days

To make an enquiry in relation to this service please forward your query to info@bcpstrata.com.au