BCP Strata - Diane - Body Corporate Manager
  • Designation: Team Leader & Senior Strata Manager

Team Information

DianeDiane Evans

Team Leader & Senior Strata Manager

Diane Evans has been part of the BCP Strata team since 2004.  During this time, she has worked in a variety of areas including administration and finance, most recently looking after levy maintenance, term deposits and organising/monitoring of resident managers salaries.  She has previously been a PA for one of our directors and has a broad working knowledge of body corporate management.  Diane stepped into the role of Strata Manager in 2018 and now manages her own portfolio of bodies corporate. In 2023, Diane took on the role of Team Leader and, whilst continuing to manage a porftolio, also provides leadership and support to the BCP Strata team.

Her years of experience in the administration and finance areas affords her an extensive understanding of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act and relevant legislation.  She also has a great historical knowledge of the bodies corporate that we manage.

Diane is professional, enthusiastic and meticulous in all aspects of her work.  She enjoys dealing with people and will always strive to reach positive outcomes for your Body Corporate.

BCP Strata - Diane - Body Corporate Manager


Great historical knowledge of our Bodies Corporate

Mediator and negotiator

Over 15 years in the Strata Management Industy

Exemplary communication skills

Ability to logically work through challenges

Facilitate positive outcomes









“I would really like to extend my appreciation for the support and kindness provided to me by Diane Evans our BC Manager.  Diane has provided me with the tools and accurate information I needed to guide me through some tough times and I could not have succeeded without her.”  P Dellar | Chairperson

“…Diane Evans and the team at BCP Strata are responsive and professional.  I find they offer a prompt, efficient service… I have found Diane to be extremely helpful and has provided satisfying results in a timely manner.  Diane’s advice has been appreciated by not only myself, but the Committee as a whole…”  R Whybird | Chairperson

“… what a pleasure it continues to be to have you as our Strata Manager.  It’s great to have such a friendly and relaxed working relationship whilst still knowing that everything will be done, administratively and financially, to a high standard and in a timely manner.”  Brian | Secretary

“…BCP Strata does a great job managing the body corporate admin for our residential complex on the Sunshine Coast.  Diane has been fantastic in supporting our committee and we rate her performance very highly.”  Alex Burrell | Chairperson