Information to Complete Body Corporate Disclosure Statement (BCCM Act Sect 206)

Please complete the below form and click submit. The Information for a Disclosure Statement will be forwarded to you and/or your nominated recipient via email.

It is recommended that you keep your original copy in a safe place as an additional fee of $16.50 will be charged to re-send the information to you. Please note that if your Body Corporate has had its Annual General Meeting since the information was previously supplied to you, then you will need to apply for a new document as the information will be out-dated.

A copy of the Community Management Statement (CMS) for the scheme will also be provided for your information.

Fees for information given to interested persons under Section 205 of the disc Act are as follows:
  $165.00 (inc GST) – Supply information for a Disclosure Statement (in accordance with Body Corporate Community Management Act (Section 206) within 7 days of receipt of payment

  $198.00 (inc GST)Urgent supply of information for a Disclosure Statement (in accordance with Body Corporate Community Management Act (Section 206) within 24 hours of receipt of payment

  $16.50 (inc GST) – Re-send copy only of original Information for Disclosure Statement previously sent to owner. I have checked and the Annual General Meeting for my Body Corporate has not been held since I previously requested this information.

  • If you choose to pay by Credit Card your payment will be processed using SecurePay which is a safe and secure online payments facility.
  • If you choose to pay by Direct Deposit you will be provided with bank account details below to enable you to make the payment via your bank’s on-line banking facility.
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Please complete this form and submit to BCP Strata.

Disclaimer:The information is provided exclusively in relation to the Lot mentioned. No warranty is given to the accuracy or adequacy of the information which has been taken from the records of the Body Corporate as at the date of this Statement. The Seller or its Agent should make their own enquiries and conduct their own search of the records of the Body Corporate. The Body Corporate and/or its servants and agents accept no responsibility or liability to any party for any errors or omissions whatsoever contained in the Statement.