The Body Corporate must maintain the common property of a complex in a good condition. The individual Owners of a Lot must also maintain their Lot in a good condition. However, it can sometimes be difficult to work out who is responsible for what. To learn more about the responsibilities of the Body Corporate and individual Owners in relation to maintenance of a Scheme please click here.

As part of the Additional Services BCP Strata provides our Bodies Corporate, we can assist with the following:

  • Attend to arrangements for the maintenance, repair or replacement of the common property or Body Corporate assets as directed by the Body Corporate
  • Liaise with independent contractors in relation to utility services
  • Organise quotes on behalf and as directed by the Body Corporate
  • Issue Work Orders to tradesman on behalf and as directed by the Body Corporate
  • Ensure tradesman are correctly insured and have appropriate licensing
  • Obtain specialist reports and inspections (e.g. Safety Reports) on behalf and as directed by the Body Corporate

We utilise a database of contractors that are required to have provided relevant information in relation to their insurances, licenses, safe working agreements etc. To ensure the safety of our bodies corporate we do not use contractors who are not compliant. Our Committees also have access to this database.